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Basic knowledge of stainless steel pipe fittings

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Basic knowledge of stainless steel pipe fittings

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Stainless steel pipe fittings are a kind of pipe fittings that are common in our life. Like some decorative fittings for household or public occasions, building pipe fittings, etc., stainless steel pipe fittings are beautiful in appearance and relatively resistant to corrosion, so the use is very wide. The following describes the stainless steel pipe fittings. Basic knowledge.

Classification of pipe fittings:

1. Classified by production method

a, seamless pipe - hot rolled pipe, cold rolled pipe, cold drawn pipe, extruded pipe, pipe jacking

b, welded pipe

c, according to the process - arc welded pipe, electric resistance welded pipe (high frequency, low frequency), gas welded pipe, furnace welded pipe

d, according to the weld seam - straight seam welded pipe, spiral welded pipe

2, according to the shape of the section

a, simple section steel pipe - round steel pipe, square steel pipe, elliptical steel pipe, triangular steel pipe, hexagonal steel pipe, diamond steel pipe, octagonal steel pipe, semi-circular steel circle, other

b, complex section steel pipe - unequal hexagonal steel pipe, five-petal plum-shaped steel pipe, double convex steel pipe, double concave steel pipe, melon-shaped steel pipe, conical steel pipe, corrugated steel pipe, case steel pipe, other

c, according to wall thickness classification - thin-walled steel pipe, thick-walled steel pipe

d. Classification by use - steel pipe for pipeline, steel pipe for thermal equipment, steel pipe for machinery industry, petroleum, geological drilling steel pipe, container steel pipe, chemical industry steel pipe, special purpose steel pipe, other

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