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Stainless steel elbows have defects if solved?

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Stainless steel elbows have defects if solved?

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Although it plays a certain role in ensuring the quality of welding, it has the following problems and defects:

1. It is not suitable for elbow welds or the effect is not satisfactory;

2, the use of foam sponge plugging and rubber sheet sealing compared to the argon consumption is relatively large (12 ~ 15L / min), blocking materials need to be replaced frequently, it is difficult to meet the internal argon of the elbow weld.


1. Install stainless steel corrugated hose at 1/3 of the inflation tube. The front end of the argon-filling device is equipped with a guiding mechanism and rigidly connected with the front end sealing piece. When the argon-filling device guide mechanism advances along the curvature of the elbow, the vertical centerline of the front end seal sheet achieves a good sealing effect, and the stainless steel hose bends and drives the front end seal piece to reach the design sealing position.

2. Install the anti-drop soft connection mechanism in the air tube. When the stainless steel corrugated hose is detached, the front end guiding mechanism and the sealing piece can be taken out through the soft connection mechanism.

3. The textured paper is attached to the outside of the welded joint. During the welding process, the textured paper is burned about 10 mm before the arc, which greatly reduces the consumption of argon and further improves the welding quality.

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