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Research on stainless steel elbow

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Research on stainless steel elbow

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The requirements for stainless steel elbows are very high, and all of them are very excellent in research. According to the current status of the existing argon-filling devices in stainless steel pipes, the welding quality of Ф60~Ф426mm pipes and elbows is more convenient and saves argon. The characteristics of gas have been developed, and the argon filling device in the pipeline and elbow weld has been developed. The practical application effect is good, and the advanced and effective construction tools for the argon argon in the stainless steel pipeline are provided.

  I. Overview

In the process of argon arc welding of stainless steel pipelines, argon gas filling in the pipeline is one of the important links in the welding process. The filling of argon gas in the pipeline plays a decisive role in ensuring the welding quality. In the past, during the welding process of stainless steel nozzles in oil fields, the materials used for filling the argon inside the welds were not standardized, resulting in poor weld protection and waste of materials and argon, which affected the quality of welding. In order to solve the problem of poor control and waste of argon filling in the welding of stainless steel nozzles in the past, it is easy to produce a series of problems such as oxidation of the inner side of the weld, and has developed a welded inner filling with wide application range, easy operation and saving argon gas. Argon device.

Second, the current status of argon in stainless steel pipes

In the past, during the construction of argon arc welding of stainless steel pipelines, the argon gas filled in the pipeline is usually affixed with foam sponge, carton board and other materials on the inflatable pipe to seal the two sides of the weld. Although it can achieve certain effects, it cannot be applied to the elbow. Punching argon.

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