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What are the details to be aware of when buying stainless steel elbows?

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What are the details to be aware of when buying stainless steel elbows?

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As a manufacturer specializing in the production of stainless steel elbows, we can produce conventional stainless steel elbows, or we can produce stainless steel elbows with different curvature radius according to the drawings provided by customers. Therefore, we should remind customers to pay attention to some details when purchasing stainless steel elbows. The problem, the following is a specific introduction:

1. Stainless steel elbow shape, nominal diameter (inner diameter Di, outer diameter OD), thickness, straight edge height, material, groove, quantity;

2. Execution standard: GB/T12459-2005 "seamless elbow pipe fittings" implementation standard; GB/T13401-2005 "welding elbow pipe fittings";

3. Stainless steel elbow use and storage medium;

4. Stainless steel elbow design requires minimum thickness: please provide the minimum thickness of the stainless steel elbow required by the design;

5. Stainless steel elbow material requirements: re-inspection, UT inspection, normalizing, corrosion test;

6. Stainless steel elbow welding: welding seam location, welding test panel, weld seam are all smoothed;

7. Material supply: Please use the special materials for the curved elbow.

8. Stainless steel elbow heat treatment: purpose, process requirements;

9. Alignment reference of stainless steel elbow: the alignment of the elbow and the cylinder is aligned with the inner or outer circle, and the corresponding tolerance

10. Non-destructive testing of stainless steel elbow: method, location, qualification level

11. Supervision: Whether it is necessary to supervise and inspect the inspection and supervision of the inspection unit, please clearly indicate the supervision process

12. Stainless steel elbow quality witness information: number of copies

13. Provide stainless steel elbow processing drawings

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